Justin Timberlake performs a cover of Prince’s hit I Would Die 4 U during the halftime show at the NFL Super Bowl LII at US Bank Stadium, in Minneapolis, Minnesota
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  1. If you saw this footage, you are a fan of the work an artist puts in to perform for your entertainment. Be thee entertained lest thou seek other mediums of pleasure. Chill. It was a great performance, because more people will continue to comment. Listen, watch, enjoy. You're not performing for the masses, neither am I.

  2. He's growing a beard? I had problem with facial hair they make itchy.Even a piece of my hair inside my clothes it's make me itchy.I feel hairy just looking at men with Beard.

  3. Some of y'all are always fake mad and overreact to everything ?. This was a tasteful tribute to Prince. If he was in MN and didn't do a tribute to Prince y'all would've been mad about that too. Just say you don't like JT and be done with it. Constantly victimizing Janet Jackson and Prince to justify your the fake outrage is lame.

  4. Seems like quite lots of people cannot differentiate between a hologram and a projection hahahaha… the superbowl halftime show justin did a great performance…mayb it's not the best but still he prove he is a professional entertainer…p.s before my age i dunno who is prince, by watching the tribute, i get to know who is this legend…PEACE, no hate!!!


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