Justin Timberlake chats with Jimmy about the nervous tic that slipped out during his halftime performance, nerds out over earning a thumbs-up from The Roots’ Questlove for his Prince tribute, and drops hints about his Man of the Woods tour.

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Justin Timberlake on His Super Bowl Halftime Show and Prince Tribute



  1. He is fake and a phony! That Superbowl performance was awful and BORING!!! And the fact that he tried to implement Prince into his performance was an insult! He only did that to try and save face with people of color for the way he did Janet Jackson! Typical white boy and anybody buying into this bullshit, couldn't see a train coming! And he is not funny…that shit is corny as hell!!

  2. i love JT but those beanies man, just no. I'm starting to think he's starting to bald and this is his escape goat to pull off the aging. oh, Jt…
    but I still love ya lol <3

  3. How could it have been one of the best half time performances of all time when the guy barely sang. I like JT but you gotta at least sing the majority of the songs… he pretty much sang 2-5 words then danced the rest of the time.

  4. INCREDIBLE!!! JT called Prince "the GOAT of musicians" and the image they had of Prince was an image that was supposed to be him with his symbol but the symbol of course has always been in the shape of a devil's tale, and they placed the symbol behind Prince's body in the image at the SB. The GOAT is synonymous with the devil…Satanists worship the goat and in the bible, God calls followers of the devil goats. The BAPHOMET is a goat. Who calls someone the "GOAT of musicians"…. Do you understand what just happened here? And brain dead people in the audience were just clapping not knowing what is going on. JT is PAYING homage to the fact that Prince was another illuminati puppet and that decades ago, Prince had agreed to die for Satan as a sacrifice in his song "I WOULD DIE 4 U." Prince died on 4/21 and his song "I Would die 4 U." was played by Justin at the SB with his image enlarged as a sign of worship. The "4" and "U" were used because April is the 4th month and U is the 21st day!!!! Prince died on April 21st. These occultists LOVE their numerology. And also during the interview, JT also seems he is in slow motion; the whole time like you do when you're either buzzed or on something.

  5. I wish I had watched the same half time show that Jimmy did. The one I watched was terrible, guess I was watching the wrong super bowl.

  6. I HATE that people have put a negative spin on his superbowl performance. Jeez, Americans have become so hard to please. Just enjoy a moment for what it is, it was entertainment. Justin did a great job. The Prince tribute was thoughtful and respectfully executed. Stop being so critical of these performers who all do their best to ENTERTAIN the viewers during the superbowl.


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