Comedian says she’s being focused after she posed with likeness of President Donald Trumps severed head



  1. 4:34 love how the black dude thinks he's so smart, yet he doesn't comprehend the situation at all and fires off a load of bs.

  2. no,no,no we're not giving another pass. sorry Jamie no more tolerating this b/ s. Kathy too bad your stupid and not funny. This was not meant as a comedy bit it was supposed to be mean spirited and disgusting

  3. Where does she think she was going with this? I hope you are smashed. President Trump has nothing to do with what YOU did.
    I hope you are broke and hurt and suffer forever,and die slowly and horribly

  4. Has been LOSER Griffin can't even get up some fake tears here. what makes me laugh is the woman to her right nodding yes. Congrats Kathy,,you've become ISIS,, a bad actress,,and a bad loser ,,,all in one day. The only thing Trump did was Baron was very upset about this. If he didn't everyone would say he was a bad father. I don't buy your crocodile tears,,,well,,,,,the attempt at them anyway. Shameful on you!

  5. I really hope all this media and Hollywood bullshit opens more US citizens' eyes on the how to not trust entertainment

  6. Kathy Griffin can go hang out with all the people whose careers have been destroyed by the Left's social justice warriors.

  7. 11 year olds are not "grown" – silence a comic? Now her career is in the death throes, after she bullied the
    bully – er…with a death photo.

  8. Kathy Isis Griffin. Boo hoo. Now sue me you ass.
    Hillary taught her how to turn the tables. Never taking the blame.

  9. job well done , she can not say a damn thing , she thought she would be praised by the left and it blew up in her face now shut up and take it , shallow soulless skanky lotlizard

  10. I'm starting to smell the grotesque stink of the DNC on this thing. Griffin is sick but not smart enuf to pull this off. And Jamie Fox , please shut the hell up you imbecile. You are a pussy, with a low IQ and not much more, if at all, relevant than Kunthy Griffin.

  11. Juan (and all liberals), fuck you about the Ted Nugent crap. Ya he threatened obama; madonna threatened to kill trump when she said she wanted to blow up the white house, snoop dog also did when he made a music video about shooting president trump in the head.

    this kathy griffin thing is completely different. The outrage comes from the fact that she mimicked an ISIS terrorist.

    the outrage wasnt even entirely about president trump, it was about all those innocent people who had their heads chopped off by the scum of the earth islam.

    so fuck off about the ted nugent crap you pathetic liberal fucks

  12. Boy…she sure made an ass of herself. That was really pathetic. She has some really deep seated emotions. She is definitely CRAZY. Stay away from redhead's


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