Capitalistpig hedge fund manager Jonathan Hoenig reacts to President Trump’s mandate that welfare recipients must pass certain work requirements.



  1. Bill Clinton went through the same backlash when he did the same thing, there are many poor folks who just dont want to work.

  2. Believe it or not a lot of the people in Kentucky that are receiving Medicaid, food stamps, welfare, Etc, work for cash under the table as well. I doubt that anyone dies because they now have to work legally to receive the benefits from the government.

  3. So it's a bad thing to make people get off their lazy fucking ass and work!!! Thank you Trump!! Make the lazy get to work tired of paying for lazy ass people!!!
    People that get government assistance(food stamps,cash assistance, medicare) should have a three-month limit per Life, and it should be treated like unemployment where you have to take drug test weekly and show proof that you trying to find a job!! I'm sick of footing the bill for lazy people

  4. How does one work when there are no jobs? The future will continue to have fewer jobs due to automation and robotics. These idiots have no idea of how to resolve America's real issues. They must have scraped the bottom of the barrel to find these two dopes.

  5. I've been laying around for years now 10 years now I'll be more than happy to volunteer for something I tried St Vincent de Paul but it was nothing I could do I tried one of the homeless shelters they turn me down well I can understand that I like to do something I know too much about movies now


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