Watch Kesha recording “Rainbow” dwell-to-tape at Capitol Studios in Los Angeles.

Get the brand new album ‘Rainbow’ that includes “Praying”, “Hymn”, “Learn To Let Go”, and “Rainbow” now!
Download on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/iKRainbow?IQid=yt
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  1. This song is a message my friend was trying to tell me these past few weeks. Stop looking at the negatives of life and be yourself and find positive things and do stuff that make stuff that make u happy

  2. This slow music with slower singing- melancholy shit needs to stop being a fucking trend. I'm ready for good music to become popular again.

  3. Absolutely beautiful she has the voice of an angel!!! I'm so glad she's done with auto tune, you can really feel the passion in her voice now. Great song K

  4. I got more diamonds than your jeweler
    I make her come back like I'm Yugi
    If you ain't know it, now you knew it
    I aim at her head like a sniper rifle
    She can't be my bitch if she dyking, dyking
    I bought her a ring but no wifey, wifey
    She slurp on that dick and I like it, like it

  5. Love this song, very deep meaning to this song. That's what songs should be about not that other shit with no meanings nothing. But this song is great. Now I will stop rumbling


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