Kevin Durant of the Golden State Warriors and LeBron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers duel in Cleveland. Both scored 32 points.

NBA Duels showcase ONLY THE BEST head-to-head matchups from the around the Association, past or present.

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  1. this is a clean win no more reason but cavs is the best team in the east when it comes to playoffs cavs will dominate the east and in the playoffs the LeBron and I.T duo will be the best duo you will see in the NBA since the great JORDAN and PIPPEN and in the Finals vs Gsw the old Dwade will show and Klove will be on fire in every game in game 1 of the finals until game 4 this cavs is the best cavs we will ever see prediction 4-0 Gsw

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  3. Come on, LeBron, this is your team and Thomas is taking more shots. You're not gonna beat Warriors assisting….you need to take over the game like Kobe.

  4. I'm surprised the NBA channel isn't already at 10 million subs yet. Also, I think the Raptors can beat the Cavs and Celtics in a 7 game playoff series.

  5. KD always be killing LeBron whether from the three-point line or with a crazy dunk like that. Maybe he got something to prove to LeBron.

  6. How you know GSW fans are high as fuck on something.
    You can't seriously put the guy who beat this team coming back from a 3-1 and the guy who choked a 3-1 to this team and the joined them in the same sentence, seriously.
    Call me when KD comes back from a 3-1 or averages a triple-double through a series against LeBron, then you'd hardly be able to even call them even, much less talk the crazy nonsense yall are talking. LMAO lay off the drugs kids, damn xD

  7. the funny thing is people still want Lebron to perform on the same level in his 15th season, let me see kevin in his 15th season and then we will talk.

  8. Cavs need to make a move before the trade deadline…… they aren't beating gs this year with that roster, maybe use that nets pick to add a good center


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