Watch Kim Kardashian West break the internet all over again after answering some of the most sizzling questions Ellen could think of.



  1. So much meaningless hate. Did y'all even listen to what she said? Just cuz you have prejudice against her family doesn't mean it gives you the right to trash talk someone.

  2. Kim is actually the only person whom I like from the whole family… she seems so fun and chill and idk honest as much as a person on social networks can be I guess

  3. when she said iam an open book, that she really meant it. when she said i broke the internet again, i thought she has made another sex tape, so started looking.

  4. Damn Ellen.. Don't even care to even watch this garbage! Had to unsubcribe…. Most celebrities are money/fame hungry sorry excuse for humans! Just because famous people do good things don't necessarily make them worthy of respect… Or just simply being a celebrity. But this horrible family isn't famous for shit… Their dad getting a murderer off years ago (OJ) should have never made them famous. Nothing they do is worthy of news. I'm not jealous at all.. Extremely annoyed by the lack of free thinking people who have their own minds. #fuckthekardasians #socialconditioning #sociallyenginerred #Cognitivedissonance


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