I didn’t monetize this video. I strictly made this video for awareness and that this needs to stop.


Discord – https://discord.gg/UxvmSy4



  1. Not a bad video, I hate the whole situation and think that people that represent the community should be held to a higher standard on how they behave. I know that drama and toxicity brings in the views but being in a League that is co-sponsored by Ubi should make someone act a little bit more mature. I hope that this brings more light as to how players should act when they are representing large orgs, leagues, and most importantly themselves.

  2. Honestly so many people getting upset over this behavior but don't even hold themselves to the standard they're holding this guy to? I don't care bro he plays a videogame this video was straight up clickbait, get on with your day good god.

  3. Fuck off for spreading toxicity and going after another man's livelihood. You are the lowest of the low. Discontinue your ways Aust1n. You can't call out someone else for being toxic if you are a toxic person yourself. Fuck outta here.

  4. clout chasing at its finest. you wouldn't have made this video if george wasn't big. you only want views and subs. plus you're an ela main

  5. Aust1n maybe u should try and do something other than try and mess up a innocent person he's already proved all this wrong just cuz no one will pick u up 4 pro league

  6. Any man who threatens to sue is pussy. And y’all are arguing over a video game. If King George is toxic, y’all need to play some low level casual games lol

  7. He cut out all the parts of George explaining himself and what not. Go watch George's new vid to see the other side, and not cut up video clips.

  8. I like how he edits out the good stuff hahaha ur making. This sound worse then it is and Austin ur trash and getting in busy that’s not urs

  9. Your basically click baiting us just because George didn’t want to play with you you fucker, unsubscribed you piece of shit you might as well delete your YouTube channel


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