Kodak Black – First Day Out
Produced By: Dyryk

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  1. y do people even listen to Kodak black, he fcking raped someone? y is his music video even being funded, he can't even rap anyway – ridiculous

  2. Kodak, would you be interested in playing some Minecraft with me. If so we will have to play on Xbox cause my computer has alot of porn viruses on it at the moment. Would love to hear back from you. your faithfully pussyminer69

  3. One time I saved Kodak Black from getting robbed. It was just after one of his concerts I was at, during the concert I was randomly selected to see him backstage after the concert. So I went backstage to his room and found it closed. I was getting a little frustrated waiting for him and was about to leave when I heard harsh voices through the door. I put my ear up to the door and heard multiple voices telling someone to give them all the valuables. I stepped back and kicked the door right open. Inside there was four dudes: Kodak, and three dudes I didn't recognize. Two of them had knives and one of them had a gun. One of the guys with a knife came at me, but I managed to catch his arm mid thrust, and using my elbow to smash on his arm, I disarmed him. I delivered a brutal karate chop to the guys neck and he was on the floor instantly. The second guy with a knife stood there stunned, giving me time to give him a full force uppercut to his jaw, knocking him out instantly. The last guy put his gun to Kodak's head and threatened to shoot if I didn't surrender. I started talking to him in order to stall for time, when eventually Kodak took his chance and twisted the gun right out of his hand, and put the gun to the robber's head. He looked at me and said I better leave before the police showed up. I just nodded and said "Good luck, Kodak Black." And started to walk out, when he told me to stop and said, "Call me Kodak the goat, my nigga."

  4. A lot of people hate on these new gen rappers, but low key they grind hard. This beat is hard btw I might need to flip it.

  5. [Verse 1]
    First day out
    Gave my mama hundred racks
    And bought a iced-out AP watch
    And bought a Cuban links just to match it
    That wasn't voodoo, that wasn't magic
    Nigga be cappin', I just be laughin'
    That was God, nigga was fastin'
    And hidin' K2 in my mattress
    Smokin' Tunechi in my cell
    That was my twelfth time going to jail
    That was my second time going to hell
    And back for real but I prevail
    Canary yellow diamonds in my braces
    Same color as my lady
    'Bout to hit her with no Jimmy Mack
    And go half on a baby
    'Bout to hit her with no Jimmy
    Have her walkin' like a penguin
    Still finessin', still be poppin' fraud finagling and wangling
    And a brand new two-door Wraith
    I coulda bought it but I just rent it
    Got a brand new big old chain
    Got so much sauce I don't need no pendant
    Paintin' pictures when I be spendin'
    I'm poppin' [?] on all these women
    It's my birthday, just turned 20
    And I just went to go see the dentist
    Put some stones all in my gold
    Know you niggas thought I was gone
    Know you niggas thought I wasn't comin' home
    But guess what, bitch I'm home
    On probation, but I still keep that chrome
    Crack a nigga dome
    (On probation but I still keep that chrome
    I'll crack a nigga dome)
    Traded my AR for a sniper, traded my Draco for a TEC
    Traded my Rollie for a AP but I coulda got a Patek
    And I coulda got a Corvette, and I coulda got me a jet
    And I coulda got me some sex, but I only got me some neck
    Traded my ex bitch for a check
    I'm takin' codeine with the x
    I wanna buy my brother the world
    But since I can't, I'ma get him a Lex
    Ay ay, I'm a Israelite my diamonds is real ice
    I had to sacrifice to be here, that's how I'm with you tonight
    I had to run down with my big Glock 9 to feed my appetite
    I had to go through hard times and dark times for me to see the light
    Ay, I remember pourin' honey on my rice
    Ay, I remember havin' no money, I was livin' in shacks
    Ay, you got me fucked up if I'ma go out without a fight
    Ay, this my first day out, I'ma live it up tonight

    Live it up tonight
    This my first day out, I'ma live it up tonight
    Live it up tonight
    This my first day out, I'ma live it up tonight
    Live it up tonight
    This my first day out, I'ma live it up tonight


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