We gave our Super Bowl commercial to families like yours and together, we proved there’s no one right way to family, there’s just your way. And that’s pretty great. #FamilyGreatly



  1. Corporate Bullshit. Nice pictures but fuck kraft. Moneywhores. Quit tryna make a cheese company more family than cheese. Its easy to see all you care about is profit. You cant brainwash everyone dumbfucks.

  2. America doesn’t questions ethnicity we just want our laws enforced stop this nonsense Kraft what a cheesy commercial. Quit avoiding and blurring the lines of the rule of law it’s unAMERICAN and quit trying to call an apple a banana.

  3. Kraft does not discriminate and is proud to provide ALL families, old, young, gay, straight, interracial…EVERYONE…with Diabetes and high cholesterol.

  4. I family my family family-friendly without any mayonnaise, because it's not good for my family's health. Water on the other hand is good for health so just spread your toast with water Justin.

  5. I just watched Kraft's "family" ad. The notion that an ad on a family show such as the Super Bowl should promote deviant familial relationships is nauseating. Kraft should be condemned for promoting relationships that the Judeo-Christian ethic defines as abominable.
    The same is true of T-Mobile's advertisement (the one with the babies, which states that it does not matter who you love).. The purpose of these ads is to get our children to falsely believe that all kinds of relationships are equal. But they are not equal! There is a right and a wrong; by confusing the two, Kraft and T-Mobile are undermining the moral fiber of our society.
    So WHILE THE NFL TURNS DOWN AN INNOCUOUS AD in support of standing for the national anthem, it has no problem approving ads that destroy morality! Avi Goldstein


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