Kygo ft Ellie Goulding cowl Harry Styles Sign Of The Times in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge




  1. It's still good, but it would've been much better if she sang in a higher key. I felt like the key was too low for her.

  2. First of all, it is a cover with only a piano and a guitar, its not the same thing with all the instruments as the song requires. The boom and the mix of all the instruments required of course will infect you and the result will be different as well. It is a great song and it is a great cover singed by a a great great singer as is Ellie G.

  3. fuuuu elli what is it? fffuufufufufufufu
    please stop sing
    i<3harry styles very much and please stop this catastrof

  4. Mmm I didn't like it, not because "bla bla harry is better i love him so much" fuck that. I don't think Ellie worked much on this, she sounds bored, no emotion no anything, she's just there… Meh

  5. Why is everyone comparing this to Harry's version? It's a cover and Ellie did it in her own unique style. I like it.


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