Former Las Vegas Metro Police Department Officer Randy Sutton weighs in on the changing timeline of the Las Vegas shooting.



  1. It wasn't a breakdown of communication, he told them there's a man with a rifle on the 32nd Floor shooting. How more precise should he have been… give them a description of the bullets as they're flying through the door?

  2. They should've put "No guns allowed" signs up and Paddock would've saw that and this never would have happened. [Liberal Logic]

  3. I've watched the story change 100 times since this happened. News networks are having a hard time faking this because I don't think they've delt with so much bullshit.

  4. All the sudden new medal detection equipment already in the works to be spread all across the USA in most if not all public areas!!
    Keep thinking you're told the truth & that you're " free"

  5. It appears a Class Action Lawsuit against MGM is in order. Money talks. It gets results. A $500 million judgment against them would correct all the high-rise buildings lax security. Like having unlimited access to the freight elevator !

  6. Damn right it's in question Noone belives it anymore. More and more people are starting to think that is some sort of cover up.

  7. The truth is the cops were too scared to engage this man and their fear lead to all these folks being slaughtered. Real fucking heroes when a guy is unarmed.

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  9. What we are seeing from the news looks like they are grasping to tell a story that we don't yet fully understand.  It also looks like the police are trying to be careful as to not "scare" people or possibly not give any potential copycats any ideas.  But what if Campos was with Paddock shooting and when the tanks didn't explode he got pissed and shot the security guard because their plan failed, so then Campos killed Paddock and tried to look like he was a victim?  That would be an interesting twist.

  10. It's happening all around Europe too ….. total fake bombings , shootings , etc ….. US and Allies trying to start ww3 against muslims and the Middle East to hide all the bullshit they have conned us to believe .
    Now we have technology and brains we are realising NASA is bullshit , space is bullshit , Kennedy was bullshit , round earth is bullshit , pearl harbour was bullshit , 9/11 was bullshit etc etc etc ….
    US dollar going down , petrodollar going down , china , Russia , India etc all getting stronger .
    USA need a war , that's the only thing they may stand a chance with and carry on as world bullies ….. so long as Euro back them .
    Everything US are doing is ran by elite powers , trump has no chance , that is why he is changing his mind on most policies he was against .
    The world is gearing up for a BIG one …. you can feel it in the air and all around … unemployment , costs of living , music , films , deaths , etc .
    North Korea will get done by US because they need to pin china in like Ukraine and Russia …. US need nukes right on their russias and China's doorstep or interceptors for icbms from opposition forces at least .
    North Korea will kick off , South China Sea has already kicked off … Russia know what USA is up to and will not play the game which infuriates USA powers ….. we have six big boys on the playground now , three of which want to grab the sweets .
    The world is governed by people more powerful than you think exist …. we mean mortals have no say and no chance .
    Prey to who you believe in and may God find space for us when time comes and we get evaporated by thermo nuclear war .
    By the way …. I'm pretty sure they don't exist either ……. Japan cities were carpet bombed not nuked .


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