Actor Liam Neeson says the Hollywood sexual harassment scandal has sparked “a bit of a witch hunt.”
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  1. Wait so the reporter gave a "gotcha" smirk 1:21 after Liam referred to a crew messing around as childsplay.. way to prove your point its not a witch hunt.. This whole video is the definition of a witch hunt!

  2. there's definitely elements of hysteria, attention whoring, and it is largely a witch hunt. Some of the accusations are legit though for sure.

  3. Why are you trying to make Liam sound unreasonable? He is speaking truth,#metoo and #timesup are the new McCarthyism. Here's the game, paint the entire male gender with the sins of the despised fringe, blur definitions so that normal innocuous sexual behaviors are suddenly criminal (but not if you're female, then it's empowerment if you do it) then you can assume any accusation made is truth, attack/destroy accused target, spin, repeat. Did you notice the steps that got skipped there? Investigate, prosecute,convict. And notice even more telling there is no intimation of anything like a female predator or a female being a false victim. Your narrative is full of [email protected] CBC. No one is going to enjoy the social hellscape #metoo hysteria is in danger of creating, except for the the Judy Bindles and S.C.U.M. feminists of the world.

  4. If I wanted to I could SHAME NAME all the women in my life that did despicable things to get something of value.
    But I chalk it up as I moved on and became a better person than them. I guess I could pretend to be a victim and blame everyone else for all things.


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