The Halo community has been upset with 343 Industries lately. I reached out to Ninja, Mikwen, and Spartan to figure out how 343 can improve and make Halo 6 the best game yet.

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LISTEN: An Open Letter to 343 Industries
uploaded by ReadyUpLive / RUL / Ready Up Live



  1. Why make this video when halo 6 is pretty much more than half way finished? Is it because they wanted to make all the tournament money before talking shit about 343?

  2. This honestly makes me emotional. I love Halo with a heart felt passion. I agree with every comment by everyone in the video. Please take halo to its roots.

  3. I played Halo 3 and the one thing I learned from that game is that Pros who play MLG do not care about the community they only care about the weapons that they like and use and I tried playing with them and it was not fun at all

  4. For me Halo 4 was the one that didn't really feel like halo anymore but I still played it through couple times. I bought Halo 5 right after when it got released but it still remains unwrapped… And why? Well I'm a simple guy who wants to sit down with my pal and have some good time by playing our favorite couch co-op game series but they took even that away by removing local co-op so prolly not gonna even bother to buy H6 anymore.

  5. I kind of don't care what they do in H6 as long as it works well and plays well. However a part of me also doesn't want to see it go back to a 100% classic style, it sort of feels like a step back from the progress Halo has made, devolving if you will. But for sure there needs to be a social equivalent to arena as a way to acclimate yourself to the game and comp, personally I haven't played H5 seriously in months because I take a break and play something else then try to come back and get back into Halo 5 which is difficult since the only way to play with my Magnum (away from a competitve environment) is to play warzone which is a lag fest plus it doesn't get me used to the maps, modes etc.

  6. It definitely feels like 343 wants to change things up way to often, from both a map layout standpoint and playlist standpoint.

  7. 343 really can't mess up halo 6 crossing my fingers, honestly I'm pretty lenient when it comes to the Sprint or no sprint or armor abilities whatever just make it ballenced and fun to play that's all I'm asking

  8. Honestly halo 6 is well into development and has probably already got its base game under control and 343 already know what the game is, this letter should have been done just after halo 5 launched or a few months after. I'm sure that 343 can change minor things like hit markers and sprinting and stuff like that but there is no point! two games in this trilogy and we already know the direction this is going…I'm not expecting massive changes from Halo 6 only minor ones we are pretty much going to get a Halo 5.5

  9. 1. listen, wake up
    2. "fun gunplay" "the roots" "a good matchmaking system"
    3. ditch the "jack of all trades" mentality and pick up what your franchise fans are talking about and halo will be great again

    We were just discussing about the same things with few friends. Thanks for making this Ready Up Live!

  10. Bro, this was such a good watch! Thank you so much for doing this! Btw: Spartan, Mikwen and Ninja really hit the spot with their answers. It was so good!

  11. IMO, CSGO and LOL are so successful because at the core both of those games are the same as they were when they were originally released. COD is also now going back to its roots after trying to evolve into something it isn't. I am all for adding content and evolving to support casual play but the core competitive game needs to remain.

  12. Halo 5 in it's current state isn't very playable to be honest. The wait times, servers, and hit registration are all broken. I think abilities should not be in Halo 6 too. That's something they should leave out. If sprint makes it in, fine but spartan charge and ground pound isn't Halo.

  13. Just bought an Xbox One on black Friday. Been getting down on it everyday. But I don't even own an Xbox One game. I just picked up Halo 3, Halo Reach and Halo 4 backwards compatible. I haven't taken the Halo 3 disc out of my Xbox yet, it's so much fun and so awesome to jump back to that game.

  14. A lot of good points, but some of these people need to know, the game isn't only about pro players, halo has so much forge, custom, warzone, firefight tjis is the community

  15. I remember the first time i saw a hit marker come up confirming damage. It made me confused/ angry and left me feeling like i was playing COC. I dont play COC. Im a Halo fan. . . . . .a sad, sad halo fan.


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