UFC 210: Daniel Cormier vs. Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson 2 passed off on Saturday. We’ll discuss in regards to the outcomes from this in addition to the insane regulatory mess from Chris Weidman vs. Gegard Mousasi. We’ll sit up for UFC on FOX 24: Demetrious Johnson vs. Wilson Reis, Jacare vs. Robert Whittaker and extra. We’ll additionally discuss Anderson Silva’s subsequent transfer at UFC 212 and extra. This is the Promotional Malpractice Live Chat with Luke Thomas.

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  1. Don't change the podcast. It's simplicity is it's strength. No fancy bells and whistles, just pure raw MMA discussion.

  2. REMEMBER EVERYBODY: If you see Luke on a plane, make sure you play around with his chair! Like push it from behind with your feet…Pull on it when getting up and all that….

  3. Entire MMA media has been pro Weidman. That fight was going to 1-1 after round two and both were looking tired. Mousasi clearly had the momentum.

  4. Man that kinda sucks that Luke has to pretty much renovate his own house to make a studio for his Live Chat and Morning Analyst videos. Will he make his t-shirts for profit? I'll definitely buy a t-shirt to help him out, it sounds like a costly venture.

  5. Having a ref in the commentary booth is a great idea! It seems like a no-brainer with a 3 man booth now you mention it.

  6. that was not nice about the living under a bridge, my brother had to do that for awhile. pray it never happens to you.

  7. I am really looking forward to seeing Luke's new setup! Fail us and you'll be on a diet of dry turkey with yellow mustard for life…no pressure.

  8. It's idiotic to hate on Messi for what's essentially protection-money-evasion, btw.

    If a restaurant owner tries not to pay protection money to the local mafia, that's just as wrong as what Messi did.

    (Think it through)

  9. Pretty ridiculous comparing a harmless Pepsi ad to an airline assaulting someone. United might not take a billion dollar hit over this, but they for SURE are going to feel the heat from this

  10. Pleas keep to mma as when you talk about football (soccer) it sounds like a casual mma fan talking about mma. No disrespect as your job is to talk about something completely different! But it is like a football podcast just talking about Mcgregor and Rousey. Love the mma content though would just like to keep it that way on MMA fightings page 😛

  11. I really feel like misha cirkunov can revive the division. I would not be surprised to see him champ in a few years.


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