79 people presumed dead in Grenfell Tower fireplace, police affirm; 5 have been formally recognized

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  1. just been to supermarket they asked for a minutes silence at 11-00,,,totally ignored it,,,,but reflected on muslims burning poppies on remembrance sunday instead

  2. The tower block was refurbished last year with a budget of £10 million, according to the Chancellor Phillip Hammonds, the cladding that was used was illegal. There were no functioning fire alarms, no sprinklers, no functioning lifts and only one staircase. A sprinkler system would have cost £200,000, fire-proof cladding would have only cost £5000 extra compared to the ones that were used, 4 days before this crime, fire alarm inspectors attended to conduct checks and advised everyone to stay in doors in case of a fire, This disaster was no accident . We now have excuses to knock down all tower blocks and make way for rich development planners and gentrify the area. Something is not right here.

  3. Why do people like this police officer act like they care??? They do a pause or something, but deep down everybody knows that they truly don't give a fuck…

  4. Holy shit 79 people just got smoked fam. Thats lit asf. Praise Allah for his greatness. Oh yes. nicely done. Alright.

    despite me being an edgy attention seeker who says fucked up things to piss people off,

    why the fuck has there not been a crackdown on muslims in Europe?

  5. We are getting somewhere now. Bring out the entire truth !

    Many people could have been saved if the firefighters were thinking out of the box! …but they chose to be more concerned about their job.

    They arrived within 6 minutes of the fridge fire.. it took the building a 1-2 hours to be engulfed.
    25 firefighters 25 floors, one per floor could have saved them all..

  6. Wtf is wrong with London?! The London bridge attack the car attack and now a fire?! How do they survive .p.s R.I.P all those lost souls… I feel really bad for the families who have had a relative who died…

  7. he knows the real number…….but they are breaking it bit by bit… in order to diffuse tension…..those were the same words he used before when he said there was 58 confirmed dead…. but that number may rise..what are ppl's lives worth???

  8. I love how BBC stands for free speech! They banned commenting on every video about the hero van driver! Despite this, one day he'll get a statue!

  9. maybe somebody decided to terrorize low income migrants, they sunk boats and set camps on fire, they get run over with cars trucks and vans

  10. I have seen tenants in buildings like this, using extended electric cords and illegal wiring connections for appliances, which could cause a fire.


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