On this week’s Lucie Fink Vlogs, Lucie gets unready after a long day at work, walking us through her nighttime routine. From dinner, to her nighttime beauty regimen, to getting a bit of relaxation in, follow along with her nightly schedule. Press play to unwind with Lucie!

Refinery29’s Lucie Fink opens up about her work, life, and world experiences.

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  1. Hi Lucie LOVE YA ?
    Can you do
    5 days of calligraphy
    5 days of cooking at your house
    5 days of random acts of kindness
    5 days of stepping out of your comfort zone
    And learn to make sushi ? (that would be a Lucie for hire)
    P.s. do you still bullet journal? If you do can you do a flip through!

  2. I FaceTime my best friend, it’s not efficient but I love it. Also I’m an insomniac so I read the same book over and over again till I fall asleep. I’ve read Wizard of Oz three times ?

  3. My night routine I started it 2 weeks ago. I wash my face, put toner and moisturizer cream. Rub coconut oil on my feet and put socks on. If I have time read 10 pages of whatever book I'm reading at that time and finally 2 minutes of meditation with the app 'stop, breath and think'.

  4. Maybe try to respond to comments before you go to bed, and read last because studies show that looking at a screen before you sleep will affect your sleep ?

  5. Love the night routine!
    Mine goes like this
    -get in from work
    -put scrubs in the washer and run a load of laundry
    -take a shower immediately, I wash my face in the shower and wash my hair every day, not healthy but I'm a nurse so this is REALLY important
    -get in pajamas and apply lotion to my feet and put on aloe infused socks
    -go and cook dinner, though in the summer I'm more likely to eat a salad and some fruit than to actually cook
    -not a dessert person, but sometimes I'll have a chobani 100 yogurt
    -make coffee for tomorrow, in the winter I just get it ready so all I have to do is turn on the machine and in the summer I'll either do a cold brew or I'll brew and stick in the fridge overnight
    -call my mom
    -then watch YouTube videos…I don't usually watch routine videos, but for some reason I had to watch this one. Usually I'll watch cooking videos to get some ideas to keep things new in the kitchen.
    -then I'll plan stuff. Holiday, birthday, you name it it's ALL planned…right down to music.
    -then I'll attempt to sleep, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Depends on how stressful the day was.

  6. Happy New Year Lucie. Love your videos. I will say (and I do this too), studies say using your phone before bed is the worst for a good nights' sleep. I am guilty of doing this too as I am a casting director here in NYC and own my own business so I am 24/7 with emailing. Anyway…seems like a ton of stuff you do after work…my favorite is your walking daily…I used to do that and you have inspired me to do revisit this very decompressing activity after work. Manhattan is simply the best for this ritual. Most importantly (sort of…ha ha)…WHAT WAS THE OUTCOME OF THE CHARCOAL TEETH WHITENING EXPERIMENT?!?! I was so curious when you mentioned it would take a few weeks and then you would let us know your verdict on this trend. Thanks Lucie-you work very hard and it shows.

  7. Why would you come home, put your phone and keys on table, and leave? You would think u would need those walking around New York City alone. Lol sorry I’m just curious.

  8. Hmmm I think that the reading internet comments should come earlier in your routine. What if you read a really nasty comment, you'll have that going round in your mind and it'll ruin the end of your day. If you read them earlier in the evening at least you've got meditation, reading and TV to cheer you up or calm you down.

  9. I like to dim the lights, put on some nice chill & cozy music, moisturize my face and legs, write in my bullet journal, dim the lights even more, light some candles and read a book <3


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