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Some folks do not know that two greenback bills are actual, so when Mike Bolesta used over 50 of them to make a purchase order at a Best Buy retailer, an encounter with the police and Secret Service ensued. In this clip from The Two Dollar Bill Documentary, see the story of what occurred when a cashier was not sure of the quirky forex.



  1. Anyone can purchase from Best Buy. If you don't have a problem with the item purchased great! If you have a problem you are screwed. On three different times and not at the same location I went through holy hell when a problem with the items I purchased went wrong. ONLY A F**** idiot would do business with them. I will never ever patronize their places of business again. You can purchase what they sell elsewhere so don't be a fool. GO SOME PLACE ELSE!!!

  2. I'm a cashier and I think you guys are being too hard on the girl. So she didn't know they had two dollar bills. Big deal. It's called a mistake and people are allowed to make them. I know what an awkward position it is when you're not sure if the customer is being entirely honest with you. She called the manager over and asked for help and that's exactly what she was supposed to do. This one falls on the manager and the cop, not the cashier.

  3. The lawsuit against BEST BUY would be a lot of fun. Yes your honor. I paid with $2 bills. They treated me like a criminal and I was handcuffed and walked out in front of my son. The locked me in a 4×8 cell and I am slightly cluster-phobic. I spent the whole time sweating and freaking out…. hours your honor. There is no way they can remove those memories but if a HUGE cash settlement keeps them from locking up any more innocent people I would consider this time well spent. Yes your honor $2 million would do nicely… can I have it in $2 bills?

  4. Several Christmases ago BB had a sale of video cards but with a 40 lower price advertised in their flyer. The neighbours special needs teenager who had been saving gor this all year & waiting im line all night outside the store was told that it was a misprint & he'll have to pay full price! When he protested & asked for the manager , he was ushered into a room where BB called the cops. The kid being special needs got freaked out so the cops arrested him & cut him loose to his mother a few hours later with no charges. fuvk BB. i hope they go under.

  5. The arresting cops should be killed. Do you really want people this stupid being cops? Every one forgets to blame the people doing all the dirty work, if it weren't for stupid cops this would not have been an issue.

  6. I hope he sued both Best Buy AND the police department for false arrest and more, to the tune of at least $2 Million (get it?).

  7. People calling the cops for $2 bills, meanwhile my work lets people walk away after trying to pass off a fake $100 bill. Some managers even accept them when I point out why they're fake.

  8. No charges for the people who 'didn't believe' him even though he was fort knox solid? He didn't even sue anyone over this, he must have infinite patience.

  9. Did you sue the police for the time you where arrested ? You can do that ! and get money for your trouble and time in jail !

  10. this dude is waaaay to calm, if this would have happened to me there would probably some extra charges added on or at least a couple lawsuits

  11. This generation of kids is nothing but morons. God we need a plague to wipe out the stupid people of the world.

  12. 98% of the time I pay with dollar coins, this happens. They freeze up and give me dumb looks. One girl closed her register with a dozen people behind me to ask her manager. Before she walked away, I told her 'don't worry, I'll just pay with a Credit Card' but she wouldn't listen (I guess she felt I was trying to defraud the store?). After 3 min and a thousand burning glares, she took them. Freakin idiots! I agree with the man in the video wholeheartedly, "If you don't know the bills (or coins) we have in our currency, you have no business being a cashier"!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Tried to use a Sacajawea dollar coin at McDonald's once and the cashier said she didn't know if they could take it. I told her she had to, it's American currency. She said "hold on, let me ask my manager". What a joke this country is becoming. Pure ignorance.

  14. More important question with this old story, how did he have an agreement with Best Buy to not be charged for car stereo installation, and why would they "go back on it"

  15. WOW! Counterfeit bills are usually REALLY easy to see. Not to mention, counterfeiting a $2 bill isn't worth it.

    When even the Best Buy manager fails to recognize this … I question the people Best Buy hires. I mean this is pretty dumb!

    I also like how the cop didn't know of the bill either

  16. "If you are an American citizen, and don't know that we have two dollar bills in our currency, you shouldn't be a cashier."
    It looks like they probably knew what $2 bills were, they just had issues verifying their legitimacy. They used the counterfeit marker on them, and then called the police. It may have been a problem with the marker, or marking so many of them consecutively in a short time the color of the marking wasn't correct.

  17. Years ago I had a manager at a Wendy's threaten to call the police on me for using a two dollar bill. Luckily one of the employees wasn't a complete retard and explained to him it was real. Ended up getting my food comped.


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