“The Guardians of the Galaxy… present me the way you die.”

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  1. Guys, the wolf among us is a prequel to the comics, and tales from the borderlands continues in borderlands 3, so both of those wont have season 2.

  2. Eh… I don't know about this. I'm usually on board for anything telltale but I skipped minecraft, hated game of thrones, and the performance issues throughout all 5 episodes of batman on the ps4 version ruined an otherwise good game. Plus with guardians of the galaxy, I feel like at best it only has the potential to be almost as good as the movie. Wish they'd show a little more effort for the next seasons for the wolf among us and borderlands (hopefully they're working on them quietly)

  3. Jesus, people are already whining about no TWAU S2? I'm actually interested to see Scott Porter's portrayal of Star-Lord, and I feel like I'm the only one who found TWAU boring.

  4. Batman looked good in it's first trailer too. Then it came out and had awful bugs. There was also the forced letter boxing that telltale shoved down our throats.

  5. Meh. Telltale had its own guardians in a form of Tales from the Borderlands – which done a brilliant job in establishing an original story and expanding the Borderlands universe without overwhelming the newcomers. This just looks like a ripoff from the movie in terms of atmosphere and design.

  6. Why is everyone disliking this video ?!? The game is not even out ffs. I thought everyone learnt after Tales from the Borderlands. Everyone hated that when it was revealed but adored it once the project was done.

  7. Why make the characters costumes exactly the same as their movie counterparts?? It doesn't take place in the MCU and theres so many better costumes to pull from the comics (cough 2008 run cough). Or, even better, do what Spider-Man PS4 are doing and make an entirely new costume to differentiate your universe! That's my biggest gripe, not the aesthetic or whatever

  8. Thanos, Nebula, and pretty much this already feels like they're recycling the stuff from the first movie. Honestly get more creative there are more Cosmic baddies in the Marvel universe. Also why would the Nova corps who is composed of thousands of members need the Guardians for?

  9. Animations still look really stiff and unnatural. This stuff's been a problem since Sam n Max season 1, when are yall gonna fix this?

  10. Telltale can make this project its face but can't make The Walking Dead as good as this? What happen to Kenny and Jane?

  11. Вот же дерьмо, опять этот новый движок…………теперь ожидать сплошные лаги и баги(((

  12. first they ruin TWD, now this shitty looking game. Just let there be a TFTB 2 and let it be good. what happened telltale


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