Watford dominated 10-man Chelsea on their way to a 4-1 win over the reigning champions.



  1. Wow Cahill, Luiz, giroud, pedro, azpilicueta, and Moses
    Is this how u guys r going to play in the World Cup like this ?!?

  2. Giroud (ST) Hazard (LAM) Fabregas(CAM) Willian (RAM) DrinkWater (LDM) Kante (RDM) Alonso (LWB) David Luiz (LCB) Dave (RCB) Victor Moses (RWB) Courtois (GK).

  3. Duelofeu goes to England and scored a goal vs Chelsea but can’t score a goal in Barcelona vs Deportivo La Coruña. What a logic

  4. Embarrassing. Hazard took the game into his own hands just like every game. Yet get’s thrown into a team with Luiz ball watching all game, Cahill backing off every 1 on 1, Bakayoko misplacing every pass and just being pure shit, and Pedro/Willian literally doing nothing. I like Conte but it’s clear his stubborness and constant attention with his feud with the board is ruining the team. Hazard needs to go to show the world he’s much better than how we’re holding him back right now due to a stubborn manager with a defensive gameplan every game.


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