“We bought to maintain our eye on (Russian) sanctions,” mentioned Rep. Maxine Waters after Trump and Putin met on Friday in Hamburg.
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Maxine Waters: Keep Eye On Sanctions | All In | MSNBC



  1. The less people know about what goes on behind closed doors, the more can be done secretly behind them … that's just a given … we can safely assume that all those in power have already drunk the cool-aid …. with the exception of a very few … (mostly women)

  2. The sanctions won't be repealed, they'll be ignored, like Trump and Republicans ignore the rule of law, truth, treason. Trump, Putin's bestie for yr, Tillerson awarded Russia's highest civilian medal so …. so much any shred of America first in that meeting, and ever hearing what was discussed.

  3. Waters has no idea what she is talking about.. It's easy for her to flap her gums on TV. But she would have said squat to Putin. This woman is a wacko and is truly representative the of the stupid liberal Democrats.

  4. Dang, a garment factory worker and telephone operator to living in a $4 million homes in an uppity white community.

  5. Maxine Waters is just another corrupt politician struggling to keep her life long seat in congress. She and MSM will disagree with anything the President says for the sake of party politics not the well being of the country. Just more sad reporting.

  6. Trump owe$$$$$$ Russian banks and Putin OWNS the fake President. The world loves US but Trump..not so much. Go Dems go Waters!!

  7. Paul Ryan is part of the problem. He is very happy that a corrupt and incompetent Trump will sign any GOP legislation put in front of him and is not interested in impeaching Trump so long as Trump is useful to the GOP. Ryan is pleased that programs for lower income and elderly Americans are being gutted by a GOP-majority Congress. Ryan's goal is to transfer as many federal tax dollars into sweetheart deals for the very wealthy as possible and have himself well rewarded by the very wealthy. Ryan is working hard to replace the Affordable Care Act with a GOP health care plan that will be highly profitable for the insurance industry and the pharmaceutical industry while making health insurance unaffordable for those Americans who would not be profitable for the health care industry. Ryan does not care that more than 20 million Americans would have to "choose" not to buy a GOP-approved health care plan because they would rather buy food and pay rent so their families would not be hungry and homeless. This is Ryan's version of freedom of choice in a rich man's "democracy."

  8. MSNBC is so desperate that they have to dredge the cesspool and dig out the turd Maxine Waters for support.. LMFAO

    Sinking lower and lower and I am so glad. Predicted all of this of course and now coming to fruition..

  9. Go Maxine, speak your truth.
    Impeach! Impeach, impeach. We will never know what was said. he doesn't know what putin said. He has the attention span of a 3 year old….

  10. The Russian Sanctions bill is the smoking gun – it is currently delayed (indefinitely) by the Trump White House.

  11. If you have a burglar would you set up a working group with the thief? Would you share your information regarding security?

  12. When this administration is out they will have probably 2-4 times the wealth they control now. Pillaging and plundering on a scale heretofore unimaginable! It will takes years to recover.

  13. This woman shouldn't have anything to do or say about our policies, domestic or foreign.
    This idiocy has been going on for too long now.

  14. When Maxine Waters calls Trump crazy, we ALL know what that means… Maxine Waters is a psychopathic lunatic…

  15. The entire government is a joke… simply as that… Trump has entirely destroyed the country and the institutions.

  16. Why does MSNBC continue to put this liar on who has no respect for the president?  She does nothing but try to hurt the country.

  17. She has no platform. I hate Trump, is not a platform. VOTE FOR OMAR NAVARRO. VOTE THIS LOSER OUT.

  18. Maxine should not be allowed out of California, she is not my representative so I should not have to be subjected to her incoherent dribble.

  19. The only ones getting played here are the fools that believe this BS. Hopefully these fake news outlets will become extinct soon

  20. Maxine Waters is much smarter than her reputation would suggest. She is criticized for spouting conspiracy theories and having no clue about policy, but she has amassed a fortune and held onto a congressional seat for almost three decades.

    Despite her incoherent babble she is treated by the media as having intelligent opinions on current affairs as Chris Hayes demonstrates above. She must know something to convince her constituents that she has value that is invisible to every intelligent person on the planet.

  21. then why did some people vote for trump and it ended up selecting hillary? and if the russians did hack anything i bet it was a counter hack to you corrupt democrats who extort and blackmail and murder

  22. Trump is gross, he always sits like he is taking a poop? I love this women, she isn't afraid to speak facts.

  23. Maxine Waters, please quit. You humiliate yourself every time you open your mouth. You are too old to do the job with any sense of respectability.

  24. For 95 years we have been in a state of war with Russia it is time for peace we have fought for to long Trump is our chance to reach this peace.

    You democrats want a conversation? here is your first question where is your evidence when I mean evidence I mean hard evidence fingerprints ip adresses trace code etc

    If Trump was a Russian Spy why would he talk with the Polish PM on reinstalling the American Missile defence system project in 2002 aimed on Russia that Joe Biden cancelled in 2009 because this is very bad for the "Russian expansion of influence"


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