Learn More about Ornn: http://na.leagueoflegends.com/us/featured/champion-reveal-ornn

Hear his music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e47AEBnu9SQ

More than most demi-gods, Ornn values his privateness. Dwelling in solitude beneath an historic volcano, he stokes effervescent cauldrons of molten stone to forge objects of unsurpassed high quality. Yet from these depths, Ornn senses hassle; divine beings are as soon as once more meddling in mortal affairs. During the upcoming wars, the Freljord—and the world—will want blacksmith.



  1. Is this the official League channel? This looks like something someone put together in 20 minutes after getting their hands on leaked footage and sounds.

  2. First off how is this even balanced? lol the other team should be able to upgrade somehow as well? lol. have an orrn npc for the opposite team or something. or they could have made 2 champions who make only magic items and attack damage. soo there are trade offs…

  3. that game has become cancer! player base is nothing but a bunch of self entitled little brats… lol this game is just a shadow… forgot it even existed till i saw this trash show up on my list under "gaming" XD

  4. ….making cc last longer. cause the most fun part of league is getting cc locked then going 100-0. fucking idiots work at riot.


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