On Megyn Kelly TODAY, Megyn talks about her personal experience with body shaming, saying “I was chubby, by any standard” in middle school, and subject to humiliating pranks, before she briefly cut her intake to 500 calories a day. She is joined by personal trainer Bob Harper and psychologist Jennifer Hartstein for a candid discussion.

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Megyn Kelly Opens Up About Her Personal Experience With Body Shaming | Megyn Kelly TODAY



  1. Hows this for shaming? Megyn Kelly's show has gotten the worst ratings in the history NBC in that timeslot. Her show is a flop, a failure, and a trainwreck. And now NBC has it's tail between their legs, bc they signed her to a 3-year contract earning $23 million per year. Megyn Kelly is the biggest failure in television history, and if they cancel the show, it's a $46 million loss for Kelly's contract they have to pay her, plus an additional $55 million they put into the show. So this is going to be an over $100 million loss for NBC. The biggest failure in daytime TV history. NBC is regretting ever giving her a show.

  2. 60% approaching obesity if not already obese. There is a systemic problem. The basic food groups apparently are carbohydrates, fat and sugar for too many people. People are commuting in cars between their job and their home. In between are the fast food joints with too many empty calories (non-nutritional).

  3. Megan's angst at being over weight is the most honest she has been. Instead of trying to down play her comments she should have "leaned in". And been honest about her fears. She doesn't want to be overweight and judged in our culture.


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