Mercedes-Benz shut down part of the Las Vegas Strip to show off the Smart Vision EQ Concept car. It’s a futuristic self-driving car prototype that’s so new it had to be controlled remotely. It has no steering wheel, no pedals, and is supposed to represent what Mercedes-Benz thinks cars will be like in 2030. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/G5RXGs

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  1. What is the point of this… it's one thing if it's a hideous prototype that works to some extent… but it's being controlled by another person with a joystick… Cars that are out already have more functionality than this… Tesla for example and many other brands are much closer to making self driving a reality. Plus this thing is hideous…

  2. In the 1950s, everyone was obsessed with the future and had all sorts of ideas about what it’d look like. And now, all of these years later, none of today’s technology looks like they thought it would. We have no idea what the future will look like. These are fun projects, but they’re almost certainly meaningless. Nothing more than PR stunts.

  3. First of all: Mercedes should present a fully working future oriented vehicle in my opinion… This just doesn't feel right, Mercedes kinda feels unreliable in their efforts to build EVs and self driving cars in general. The other thing is: WHY, just WHY don't these huge companies understand that we do not necessarily want a futuristic car that also looks futuristic-we just want nice looking cars that are energy efficient, as green as possible and as safe as possible! That's all! I don't need a car that looks as if it was taken out of a kids' show!

  4. 4:44 real footage of a scene where two people are pretending to take a picture of themselves while another person takes a picture of them; video of taking a picture of taking a picture

  5. I totally disagree with your final statement, it’s companies like Mercedes that propel the future. You sit there and say “we will have self driving cars in the future but it won’t be like this”.

    If no one tries to invision something now we will stay in the same design and mindset for centuries.

  6. I certainly see self driving 'taxis' having a place in the future, but I much prefer tesla's route of making a self driving car that you own, so no I dont think this is the car of the future. It might be one of them, although I somewhat doubt that as well. It doesnt really do much to take advantage of the fact that its self driving, you basically sit in a driving position without driving.

  7. The point is to show how someone MAY interact with a car that is driving itself in the future. It wasn't to showcase self driving. They have other cars that do that like the E and S Class. This is a concept for congested inner cities where people don't have cars and do ride sharing. You request a little car on your phone and it fetches you and takes you elsewhere in the city. Then this is to mainly show what you can POTENTIALLY then do while on your journey and how you can interact. This stupid channel didn't even bother to make that clear which is why people who are ignorant to every other effort of the manufacturer thinks that this is their only idea. Gosh!!


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