German Chancellor Angela Merkel mentioned Europeans might not depend on their allies, and should take their destiny into their very own palms.
Originally revealed at – https://www.rferl.org/a/germany-merkel-europe-allies/28515965.html



  1. What rely on her to let Europe get invaded? Not really considering it an invasion when you invite them in. No thanks…

  2. don't speak of Europe as a nation, I don't even know why she's even allow to speak still… she's trying to erase Germany's identity, and advocates for the same to other nations… it is never gonna work! each nation with its own culture, religion, currency, Constitution, values, history, diversity and uniqueness…

  3. It's all in the Bible. Europe will be destroyed by Islam. You won't be able to go to a concert or a shopping mall without fearing for your family and yourself. Stop trying to tell me that we need to import more Muslims. Wherever Muslims are there will be a certain percentage that will take the Koran dead serious and want to kill Christians and all of you people out there that either believe the wrong religion or are too stupid to believe in anything but your wallet.


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