The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, says it is important ‘to tell the truth’ that a decision by Britain to leave the EU and customs union will make border checks between Ireland and Northern Ireland ‘unavoidable’
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UK demands putting Brexit transition deal in doubt, says Barnier ► https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2018/feb/09/brexit-uk-demands-putting-transition-deal-in-doubt-says-barnier

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  1. If border checks are unavoidable, this is not the worst thing. The most important thing is that the border is not well closed by a padlock. …For in everything else, there is a strange habit of forsaking. These are not just passing shows of shared human sentiment and spirit, happened because of Brexit

  2. mr barnier, we leave the EU in march 2019, that includes leaving the SM and CU.
    EU citizens coming to the UK after that date will not have full immigration rights as ECJ is finished. we will be under UK law.
    before this date, we would like a trade agreement and a new customs agreement which will then be implemented over a 2 year period [ under UK law}
    if you cant agree to this we will pocket the 39 billion and walk.

  3. So, the EU is insisting that we do not have a hard border in Ireland while at the same time saying that border controls are unavoidable. I'm confused. Can anyone enlighten me?

  4. I think the EU is using Ireland as a excuse the EU does not own you Ireland so surely Ireland can stand with us on leaving the EU after all we are the united kingdom ?? come on Ireland because your worth it INDEPENDENCE for our children and grandchildren

  5. sounds logic… even for the british it should sound logic… UK is now a foreign nation, foreign nations close and check their borders, it was the main reason why the UK left the EU right? havin borders! so now you dont want borders with some specific parts of your territory? damn british people you are completely lost.


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