We’ve taken aside a variety of Microsoft Surface units, and traditionally they have not accomplished very nicely on our repairability meter. The highest rating we’ve seen is the Surface Studio’s 5 out of 10.  Today now we have the brand new addition to the Surface line, The Surface Laptop. With it’s tremendous slim kind issue, 13.5 inch touchscreen, and fancy Alcantara lined keyboard, the Surface Laptop has really piqued our curiosity. But the place will it discover itself on our repairability meter?

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  1. Right when we were considering replacing wifey's laptop with the only brand that could do Windows OS + Hardware "in house"… She doesn't HAVE to have the slimmest, if it means it can only live as long as its battery. Or screen. Or Alcántara top. Or…

  2. And Microsoft also offers only 1-year warranty for it. So you pay $1000+ for a product and if something breaks all you can do is throw it away…

  3. I can understand that it has score of 0, but on the other side – it's a device that was designed to be as slim as possible. It's really hard to get such device to be reparable without compromises – if you want your laptop to be upgradable, get something else.

  4. i dont own one but im sure theres warranty. there is a way to repair and microsoft probably have the right tools to disassemble it without damaging. since this is expensive, people who bought it would most likely return it to microsoft for repairing. battery is questionable for people who cant afford but if it lasts 5-6 years, thats long enough for rich folks who could buy a new one every 1-2 years. just take a look at iphone non-removable battery. android users were freaking over about it and yet look at the market now. tons of android phone have the same non-removable battery.

  5. First ifixit video in a long time. I really like the host Kelsa. She is doing a great job. And she don't talk too slow. nice video.

  6. Jaja this equipment is so that not everyone repairs it, so it was difficult to open for you, repairs now if only by the manufacturer.


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