New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made headlines over the July 4th weekend for stress-free on the seashore throughout a authorities shutdown. Frank Bruni writes about Christie’s lack of decorum.
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Mika: Chris Christie Beach Trip A Sign Of Arrogance, Not Defiance | Morning Joe | MSNBC



  1. Mika, You missed so many important points.

    Not only did he go to a closed Public beach, but, as reported by NJ.com and others – http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2017/07/christie_tans_while_island_beach_homeowners_burn_d.html – the the other private homeowners that actually live there, were told by the State Police they must vacate their homes or face arrest.
    And lets not forget that the beached whale and his pod, photographed on the closed public beach also flew back and forth to trenton on a state police helicopter at least 3 times, instead of driving the 45 miles.

    He also claimed he and his clan would not utilize any public services.
    I guess His Highnesses 24/7 security detail of NJ troopers is not a public expense? As are all the other "public services" that must be in place and utilized (or not)Do you think a sign in NJ claiming the island is closed would keep people out? Of course not, it's NJ.
    SO that means how many people working over a holiday weekend at taxpayer expense to enforce his edict? Have to keep the serfs and other peasants off the island after all.
    And how about the public employees that had to work to keep the otherwise sparsely equipped island running? Services such as emergency services, utilities, water, trash collection, security, etc?

    This wasteful and enormous expense shows how the so called "Fiscal Conservatives" are ONLY conservative when it comes to their own money. Spending the public's money on their frivolous desires and Needs is never met with an objection or even questioned by other Conservatives.

  2. Who cares? When Obama closed all of Yellowstone National Park for a visit during a holiday, no one said a thing. It's not a big deal. Is that all you got? Don't get married!

  3. Lol? Isn't the beach part of his house? Please, christy isn't a saint we all know that, but c'mon there are for sure better arguments that speak against him, than him being with his family in front of his house at the beach.

  4. He could have sat on his porch with his family with his hat on…the stretch of beach he sat on was closed to everyone. Except him.

  5. Christie is a tosser, always has been.

    On a different point, why does everything have to be "something-gate"? It's utterly lame and pathetic to tag gate on the end of everything


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