When darkness falls, the helpless roars;
The wailing echoes, in goes the claws.
Emerges from the shadow, a vicious face;
#Helcurt the Shadowbringer, born to extinguish all!
#MobileLegendsBangBang #MLBBNewHero



  1. How to get helcurt:
    Go to advanced server, you'll find him there. You'll also get new heroes earlier before the update they come out in. However, switching to an Advanced Server will restart your account.

  2. To mobile legends pls make all hero balanced because you can tell which hero is op and which hero is useless
    This why i am planning to delete this game and other people to so pls fix this

  3. hello mobile legends I want to report an error in the helcur skin in the presentation shows a blue layer with another color below and the blades are yellow and in a gameplay of this skin the back layer is different in color and design and the blades are gray is a programming error I wait for your answer thanks


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