What makes mosquitoes like one individual over others? There are 5 things that you ought to know which make mosquitoes bite you more.

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  1. Mosquito bites also improves your immunity by opening a hole for the germs to enter so the body will create more white blood cells

  2. Hmmm….. so if you're fat, you get bitten. Then if you take positive steps toward bettering your life and overall health, you get bitten. And if you are about to bring life into this world, you get bitten again while being fatter. I quit

  3. Okay but the fat ppl part is inaccurate bc I know more skinny ppl that get attacked by mosquitoes than fat ppl. Heck! I'm chubby and I don't get attacked. But I don't have heavy breathing, nor do I drink beer or have Type O blood. The only time I get bitten is at night when those MFs are at their most vicious and when I am at the beach like after coming out of the water. They looove water, so I can see why sweaty ppl would be targeted.

  4. When I was thin and pregnant mosquitos loved me. I'm fat now, and they barely bite me. My 15 year old daughter, they love. On the 4th of July they ate her alive. She must've had 20 bites.

  5. I remember when I was 12 years old I was getting out of my Kickboxing class and I saw a mosquito right in front of me. Back then I was scared of any insect that flys even to this day so I roundhouse kicked the shit out of that blood sucker and I was luckily accurate. The mosquito died on the floor after.

  6. So you are telling me that if I put Mosquito Repellent, I will stop being fat, drinking beer, being pregnant, having blood type O and stop sweating?

  7. Pfft. The easiest way to get bitten by mosquitoes is to stand in the middle of the woods near a boggy area at summertime. This is the best technique to attracting mosquitoes guaranteed.

  8. I have type O and they DEVOUR me every summer. I don't care how shitty it is for our planet, but can we please just kill all of them


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