N Korea missile launch tests Seoul’s new mission for dialogue

The United States has known as for more durable sanctions in opposition to North Korea after one other missile launch by Pyongyang drew condemnation from Japan and South Korea.

The tenth missile launched this 12 months by the North is the primary take a look at for South Korea’s new president Moon Jae-In, who had hoped to take a conciliatory line with the North by encouraging talks geared toward easing tensions between the 2 neighbours.

Al Jazeera’s Craig Leeson experiences from South Korea’s capital, Seoul.

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  1. I trust north Korea more with missiles than i do America, at least north Korea aims for the sea…the Americans geo location system must be screwed up because they keep hitting countries with people in them!!!

  2. Surely, people are used to it by now. Just let him launch, he's gonna run out of missiles to test sooner or later.

  3. The US has invaded and destroyed countless number of countries around the world. The US has killed and maimed millions of people around the world, too. The US also has and maintains hundreds of military bases (up to 500) around the world.

    All this nonsense about North Korea posing a threat is as preposterous as it is stupid. I suggest the UN conduct a global referendum to see which country is regarded as a cancerous threat to global peace. That country is not North Korea.

    The US is a cowardly country that loves to fight weak countries that can't fight back or defend themselves. They love to kill, but not to be killed. They are scared to their bone marrows of engaging with Russia, China – even North Korea. US, if you are a super power as you love to think you are, then go square up with a strong fighting force and in your next life you will learn to mind your businesses.

  4. This launching is further proof the DPRK is going to do what it wants to do regardless of what the rest of the world wants. Russia & China, the two closest allies the DPRK ever had didn't want any further launches. The new South Korean president has his work cut out for him and it is clear Kim Jong Un wants to run the talks between the two. This launching of the latest missile is the latest intimidation for South Korea, Japan, and to some extent, China and Russia. There is no doubt the DPRK is capable of hitting Japan in under 30 minutes and South Korea in just a few minutes. How many RED LINES does the DPRK cross before it is stopped? This has to be scary for all nearby countries because of the verbal and published threats which go along with the missile launches. I am sure people are living in fear and all wish for a peaceful coexistence in the entire Korean Peninsula. As long as the rest of the world does not pay for aid to North Korea, this bullying will continue. The sad thing, when aid was being sent, the aid did not go to the starving people but to the so called elite. Hopefully this is resolved in a lasting peace diplomatically or the current regime in the DPRK goes away. If cooler heads prevail and a new approach in rebuilding the country is successful, I can see where unification could be possible and life for North Korea's population could be vastly improved…. Especially in the areas of health and nutrition.

  5. Always knew any soft approach with NK was not going to work. Was quite idiotic for new south korean leader to even try.

  6. Japanese people are getting accustomed to North Korea`s saber-rattling, but this is an ominous sign. Complacency is always the greatest enemy for peace. It`s often too late when the real wolf appears.

  7. Surely DPRK is making progress day by day in missile technology which seems to be a threat to its neighbouring states specially to the USA but what about the other countries who have such abilities, were they given amenity from God Almighty.


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