2K Sports flew me out to NYC to get hands-on gameplay with NBA 2K18. I’ve received tons of information on archetypes, MyCareer, Park & extra in NBA 2K18!

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  1. OMG these dudes finally did it! I been waiting for years for a GTA like NBA where you have free roam mode to go do shit that you want. This is insane. I bet they did this because Live trying to make a comeback. Love when competition improves other games.

  2. They shud have it where you don't upgrade your rating, the Game does it for you based off how you play 2 times only during season before all star break and end of season-
    Makes it more realistic far as if you don't play D, u won't see growth in that area. You practice 3's They go up some. It make getting to 99 overall harder, longer, and fun to have to get better like nba players do in real life.

  3. Apparently, they haven't fixed the biggest problem in the game: at the beginning, it took SO LONG to load that you were pretty much forced to fill the dead air with something (showing the venue). One season and a half in the game and some tatoos and we'll be looking at the fucking load screens for ages…


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