Wahlberg reportedly refused to approve Christopher Plummer as a replacement for Kevin Spacey in “All the Money in the World” until his $1.5 million demand was met, according to USA Today.



  1. Wahlberg is home boy superstars, like me and daddy. Williams is just another bimbo from down under shithole Australia. Of course he deserves more. I would rather pimp self-entitled talentless white males who casually blackmail Ridley Scott, than to represent some bleeding heart libtard women who sacrifice their own money to protect the work of art and team interest. That is why I own the White house and America, and Williams stay in shit hole condos somewhere! MAGA!

  2. Also she was probably paid more than he was in the Original take before the reshoot hence why she's not outraged about it. This (him getting more for the reshoot which she herself didn't want the money or more for) is fair if that's the case considering that as the bigger star than he is, she probably got a huge amount for the original cut of the movie after they were done compared to him for his small part. Hence, if they were going for a reshoot he has the right to ask for more if the first time he didn't get what he felt was enough.

  3. Why is this news?????? WHO CARES. HE HAS A BETTER AGENT. And who is Michelle Williams??? She sucks.

    Michelle Williams: "I don't have any money". Lol true that.

  4. This is not "because sexism". Mark is worth the extra money. I've never heard of the actress or any of her movies. She is the one who sold her talent for cheap.

  5. So they offered her less, she shouldn't have taken it. She was obviously going to be underpaid compared to him. &of course he wanted more money, he already fulfilled his contract and they wanted more. That's not how life and employment works.

  6. NOT a pay gap people. That does not exist. HE negotiated and demanded to be paid for the re shoot and she graciously offered up money and her time to do it. Simple. I'm so sick of this feminist garbage.

  7. Male and female, they're all overpaid. People are lost, so they watch delusional Hollywood garbage. Don't people have better things to do with their lives'? Most celebrities are overpaid narcissists.

  8. Do you think anyone would be talking about this if she was a man? Absolutely not. She agreed to donate her salary, it's her fault that she didn't get paid. Meanwhile, she has the chance of a lifetime, gets a GG nomination, and now her salary for her next film has increased 10 fold.


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