Watch the very first gameplay from New Gundam Breaker!
Build your own Gunpla Mobile Suit Armor and team up with your up to 2 friends to take down other Gunpla enemies and huge bosses.
Don’t forget to strip them of their best parts! 😉

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  1. Gameplay looks really good i'm a little on the fence about the switching parts in and out tho, Breaker was about making your idea mobile suit, is good they are trying something new but i just need a little more detail on the part switch gimmick.

  2. Bandai me gustaria ver que Mazinger Z tuviera su propio videojuego,si pudieran hacer uno de mazinger z ya que dbz ya tiene uno por que no uno de de Mazinger Z

  3. They didn't find a way around having melee weapons equipped that are doubles of what show up on parts huh…. (for instance in Breaker 3 if you wanted to use the Sword Strike Gundam with the anti-ship sword as an equipped melee weapon, you'd be holding one while a second sword reduntantly sits on your back.)

  4. Probably a D1 Purchase here with season pass and my soul too. BUT i'm concerned with this part break system, i think everyone is worried that spending a lot of time building your gunpla to get maimed like that is just going to make the game loose it fun factor. UNLESS it is optional. Like your could make your gunpla but if a strategy comes up you may or may not make use of a specific part.

  5. I would complain about this not being on switch like xenovese 2 but I'm just so happy we are actually getting a breaker game :'')

  6. Are they actually gonna release it on this side of the world or do I have to import from Japan? The last one they said would be available here still isn't in any game store I go to

  7. Please tell me we finally get OZ-06MS Leo. I've been wanting that unit for so long in the Breaker series, and it was my main unit in SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online.

  8. I wonder if Bandai is ever going to make the internal frame from this game available as a kit. Kotobukiya does it all the time with there frame arms kits

  9. At this point I honestly just want info on the singleplayer campaign. Because the more I read about this new focus on a 3v3 mode and part swapping, the more it's clear this is trying to appeal to a new demographic (PVPers, battle royale/MOBA players) as opposed to the longtime fans.

    This gameplay clearly shows customization is heavily downplayed due to part removal and swapping. And on top of that, the new EX Skill system is severely restrictive. I have to level up (like in a MOBA) to use my abilities, and I can only use ONE ABILITY PER PART. So something like Nu Gundam's backpack? I get funnels, a saber, or a bazooka. I can't use all three.

    This entire thing feels like a slap in the face to longtime GB players, all because people had to have their precious PVP mode. Well, here it is folks. You got your PVP. And it only came at the cost of everything that made Gundam Breaker good.

  10. It looks good but I want to be able to play as my custom not go in and loose my parts and have to gather someone else's parts that not fun

  11. This reminds of the army men games for some reason. The sweet Golden Age era, I definitely imagine a current gen console reboot of that series.

  12. Im looking forward to this game but if you have to force swap parts in the middle of a match there'd be no reason for me to create a custom mobile suit and thats the point of a Gundam Breaker game so if thats not addressed im not buying. Im going to wait awhile until i know im not forced to use something that makes my Gundam look ugly.


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