The most iconic comedian ebook villain of all time is getting a Scorsese produced stand alone Origin movie, nevertheless it’s not linked to the DCEU. Here are my ideas on it.

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  1. I want mark Hamill to play joker I know he's old and he's doing Star Wars but I still want him to play as the Joker who said this needs to be in origin it could be him being very old or later on in life

  2. To be fair, when they say "the Jokers origin" they could just mean it'll be the early years of the Joker, building up his gang, doing shit, researching the joker toxin, being the cruel and unusual clown he is before people knew to fear him, that type of thing.

  3. Jared Leto will always be my favorite Joker. He embodied the mentality as well as the heart of the Joker. And to top it all off he was hot which was a perfect counterbalance for that Smokin Harley Quinn. In my opinion the new movie should be about him and Harley and they are origin together which is my favorite Comics anyway.

  4. I don't get this. Is it possible for Scorcese to produce an 80s style crime film with a character like the Joker but is actually an original movie?

  5. I think as far as dcu and not they are gearing up for the multiverse. The Flash proved they could do it, and it makes unlimited redoe

  6. I think as far as dcu or not dcu they are going for the multiverse! Now hear me out The Flash show proved that they could do it, and it also means endless redos if they mess somthing up. It's actually pretty clever because ht

  7. Just please don't be Cameron Monaghan can anyone agree that he pretty much acted and sounded like heath ledger… like if you agreed

  8. Richard Brake maybe? he's finished playing the night king in GOT and he's a scary,crazy looking dude, so why not ??? just check the photo's of him in 31,,scary as shit ……….oh wait it's going to be an origin story so…………RAMSEY BOLTON!!!!

  9. Nooooo Jared Leto needs to play this role like a suicide squad prequel!!! We need that !! Well this movie better be over 18 to tell the true story of the joke and not kid approved crap .

  10. Every month it seems like dc announces that some character is getting some sort of origin movie. Jesus instead of planning 50 other films why not concentrate on the mediocre universe you have now and improve that? I couldent care less for a joker origin film he doesent even need one. Would ruin his appeal I think.

  11. An origin movie?…on the joker?…which one of the many reasons we all love him is because we don't really know his origin? I'm starting to lose hope in humanity.

  12. I just rewatched dark knight yesterday and I have to say, there's no way anyone can portray the joker better than Heath Ledger. No question about it

  13. Isn't the whole literary appeal of The Joker, the fact that he has no origin story? That he just is. Hell didn't he flat out admit that even he doesn't know his own origin and he just makes up a new one every now and then. All in all I agree The Joker is a much scarier character and concept when he's just some guy who commits atrocity after atrocity… for no goddamn reason.

  14. Dc should just call it quits on dceu cause the only good thing to come from it was WW.

    But a standalone joker movie? Great idea. A joker origin movie ? Oh god no

  15. When they say Origin, they better mean his early villain days building up to him becoming Gotham's most prolific villain. If they mean "This is how the Joker was made" then this is a horrible mistake. Forever in the comics he's always teased his origins and always created multiple tales so that everyone would know one story but no one knew which one was true if any. Telling his story is so against the character. We're not supposed to know his story, the Joker has always been more powerful and terrifying as just a monster, a psychopath, an agent of chaos. He's one of the few villains that work better if we don't know the reasons as to why he the way he is. If this is what DC ends up going for, then DC is making a bigger mistake than when Marvel decided for a while that Cap was a Hydra agent all along.

  16. A Joker "origin" story? They're taking away one of the things what makes him a interesting and terrifying villain. We don't know his real name, his age, his backstory, etc. Everytime, he talks about his past, you couldn't tell if he's joking or not because he keeps changing his story. Leave it a mystery.

  17. William Dafoe should play him. Look up the fan arts he looks perfect and with green goblin in his list of roles I think he could nail the Joker.


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