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  1. It's completely meaningless to keep stacking HP with no resists to test a %HP damage ability/item. It will always do the same %HP damage. If it does 90% of 2,000 HP it will still do 90% of 10,000 HP. You should see how much MR someone can build before they stop getting one-shot by a build with Liandry/Orb/Void/Rylai/Sorc Boots.

  2. This isn't that powerful tbh. You are showcasing it in the most favourable of circumstance. A high hp champ with no MR. In any normal game the MR that tanks build negates the supposed op effectiveness of new liandrys. It used to be even stronger than it's current iteration and people still thought it was bad back then.

  3. Stupid idea: sion ult, thresh hooks onto him, thresh throws a lantern, zoe presses q, zoe clicks on lantern, sion pulls 2 of them into target from a maximum distance, zoe presses q into the target (aka 10k hp cho gath)

  4. Riot employee: Okay,lets do these changes on liandry,Just because.
    Some weeks later
    Riot employee gets 10000HP -> 0HP in 5 seconds after mordekaiser ulting him
    Riot employee: Oh yeah,mordekaiser exists. Shit.

  5. Absolutely disgusting. Thankfully it's only on the pbe right now but Riot really needs to deal with either Mord or the item in question.

  6. I hope they don't nerf the burn into the ground. it's the one thing that lets me scare tanks off as support because it doesn't require I stack damage on my own.


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