Hi guys. I decided to offer my concept for the Quest Log Menu.
I often use the Quest Log button to check my quests, but most of the menu is occupied by information about Hero Levels. I think that this information is not needed daily. In this menu, we can place more useful information. First of all, we need more quests and events. I propose to add weekly tasks to the menu. We already have Tavern Brawl every week event. Information about it can be placed here. I like the idea of ​​doing a separate series of tasks for a new dungeon mode for each class. Or here we can add options for the battle in addition of Frozen Throne. We have most of the unique and interesting content for a single game, we use it only one time, we need some rewards.
And very important is the information about Unique Quests. When I started playing, I was looking for information about these quests on the Internet and it’s are uncomfortable. I think it’s time to add information about them in the menu, and we need more uniques quests in game.

Thank you very much for your interest and opinions. And sorry for my English! 😉

More crazy charts and videos are coming soon!

Thanks to all the new You Tube subscribers! And also to my subscribers with closed accounts. I do not know your nicknames, but THANKS!

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  1. Oh look. A regular person that doesn't work on this game for a living is able to improve a game mechanic more than the entire blizzard development staff have in the past 2 years… what a surprise.

  2. Definetly a great concept. And putting the unique quest visible would be a smart move because then the newer players would kinda have some mini goals they can work on


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