New Xbox Avatars – for everyone all over the place
Create a digital expression of your self and endlessly customise it at any time when and nonetheless you need. With a choice of physique varieties, pores and skin tones, feelings, outfits, and props you may be the particular person within the mirror or anybody else you may think about.



  1. really like this idea. hope they tie this in to their events and planning. it be like a game within a game when you meet up with other avatars to make a guild.

  2. First 15 secs: What the heck is this? Robot arms? Infinite Warfare much?

    After the whole video: OMG THIS IS THE BEST UPDATE EVER!! "Express your imagination", and you can have MORE IMAGINATION ON YOUR CHARACTER THAN ROBLOX. ROBLOX BETTER STEP UP THEIR GAME. coming this fall? I WANT IT NOW!!!

  3. Guys c'mon. This isn't a bad thing. It's just that no one asked for this.

    Also I don't know where people get this "SJW message" from here. God forbid people are able to make accurate avatars of themselves? Why do you care?


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