The Supreme Court struck down a part of a federal legislation that denies trademark safety of phrases that disparage residing or useless, which may benefit the NFL’s Washington Redskins.



  1. wait, the real news here should be the supreme court upheld a pedophiles right to facebook. oooh so its o,k, for him to lurk and look into little girls fb pages and stalk them. WTF, wait, was he muslim and gets some kind of special protection rights.

  2. What ever happen to that Black Chocolate Pudding faced child Rapist Cosby ? He admitted in court he doped and drugs teen age girls !

  3. Who is offended?
    I'd kill to look as badass as a redskin.
    The new Orleans pelicans on the other hand, what a disgusting racist, sexist, homophobic mascot.

  4. NFL is a non profit org with massive profits in the billions! Pay your taxes WE pay for your stadiums you should pay taxes on those billions!

  5. lol The native Americans had a college la crosse team named the " The Mighty Whitey and logo ' Everything Gonna Turn Out All White ' a few years ago. The jersey's kept selling out non-stop!.. xD

  6. I guess this means that gay people can't sue the Green Bay PACKERS for partial name disparaging against them. Lol!!


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