Trump led the international censure of North Korea’s announcement on Sunday that it had examined a hydrogen bomb



  1. I hope Kim Jong Un is wiped off the face of the planet soon. He's threatened just about every Allied country, brainwashed all the innocent North Korean people into thinking he's some divine hero and that the Western world is pure evil, murders anyone who disagrees with him….he's the modern day version of Hitler.

  2. Boo hooo fake orangutan president Trump is whining but does nothing because he's a little weak inferior bitch. Lord Kim will slay the Murican pig beast and tame it. Murica is the biggest threat to world peace.

  3. "Fire and fury like the world has never seen before" didn't really work Donald, try telling Kim that you'll blow his dead dads breeding antler off and you want to grab his wife by the pu**y.


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