Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) on the NFL protests and Otto Warmbier’s parents discussing North Korea.



  1. I have an idea. Why don't we just protest N. Korea?! We can get BLM, ANTIFA, SJW's, LBGTQ's, millennials, ACLU, NAACP, and NFL to protest… it works so well. ?

  2. Don't listen to the fact that he shouldn't have been there. Lmao that's hilliarious the first two sentences are funny as fuck fuck United States fuck that fool he got what he deserved

  3. Anyone who doesn't see NK as terrorists has no sense of human decency. That's not saying the citizens are terrorists, it's saying NK's leaders have that terrorist mentality. 


  4. This is a fascist American government calling north Korea terrorist. When the Yankees dropped atomic bomb on Hiroshima and killed thousand people who is terrorist.who is responsible for all those lives that been lost. Why the world is allowing the Yankees to do what they do the best distraction of the other countries.

  5. when are these people going to stop drinking blood. Jesus said love in my remembrance not communion which is a mockery. If anyone get a chance go to you tube type in mental rotation. you'll see me in a red jacket this 10 min video on suppression is very helpful and useful promise not a waste of time you will learn something thank you.

  6. Those players weren't given anything..they worked their way through a university and keep their bodies in tip top shape…so they earned what they got. All this Bullshits getting sickening


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