Swiss America Corp. Chairman Craig Smith and Smart Trade Pro founder D.R. Barton on North Korea’s retaliatory threats to the U.S.



  1. Big misunderstanding about supporting poor people of North Korea is that any money any nation is giving to N. Korea is putting money into Kim Joong Eun pocket. people of N. KOrea is not beneficiary, military is.

  2. GW Bush jr, called Iraq, Iran and N Korea axis of evel. Then he bombed Iraq back to the Fred Flintstone era.
    When N Korea saw what happend with Iraq, they decided to go nucelear…
    I do not like that N Korea have nucelear ICBM, but remember who forced them into this shit.

  3. The Russians came to agree with sanctions!
    I don't think sanctions will do anything but push this idiot to push nuke buttons!

    It's going to be a very cold winter in n. Korea. They won't attack US, they'll go for Japan! History study history!

  4. What should we do when those North Koreans form a rebellion? Support it and get nuked or stay out of it? Answer: don't support it because nobody supported America in their revolution at all.

  5. North Korea threatens to turn United States into smoldering post-apocalyptic hell hole if we don't "Respect their authoratah."

  6. Folks, is North Korea all that a bad guy or just a fall guy as portrayed by the West?
    Google 'Most Harmonious Nation/China Daily' for honest truths.

  7. Trump has to convince world that he means what he says. US is used to being bashed so if it takes a million dead then so be it.

  8. Stop the bullshit. This tiny ass country of hobbits can't even hit Japan yet alone Hawaii or even dream of hitting mainland U.S..
    This is fear mongering as usual and nothing will come of it.


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