Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich reacts on ‘Hannity.’



  1. Everything Obummer screwed up.the Dem O Brats are Blaming Trump for it.
    An this Russian crap.was faked by Obama an the Clintions.
    There was nothing to it.NEVER HAPPENED

  2. Fox Jews viewers are living on borrowed time. Rupert Murdoch will be dead soon and their precious prehistoric network will evaporate. Soon The Jews of the Jewnited States of America will have nowhere to whine. What will they do then?

  3. Obama was nurchered by Islamist while he was in Malasya. He was groomed by Hessbulla and Muslim brotherhood to destroy West and especially US.

  4. Odicklicker is a cold stone traitor. He should be in jail by now. Odicklicker gave the Iranians millions to finish their nuclear program.

  5. As an African, now American, I believe the US President's statements represent the awesome power of Christianity for very good reason. Let me explain. The Christian Bible books were cobbled together by the Council of Nicea that was presided over by emperor Constantine in 325 CE. At the end of the deliberations, the book was not to include much negative against Rome who covered vast territories, including Europe, but favored the European descendants. That makes sense to me. For a forward thinking Emperor like Constantine, who was desperate to unite all the factions within his territories. With the support of his own mother who was well regarded, he was able to help shape a document that united his territories. Additionally, the interpretations of the text have largely subsumed European cultures to the extent that Christianity itself is European culture. There are also many passages that are used as Devine Commands for the necessity of the hierarchy of human social standing, and ultimately access to resources. Let us take the end of Noah's story where Ham's Descendants (the darker skinned son) were cursed to forever be slaves to the descendants of Shem (the lighter skinned son). i applaud the genius of the passage actually, because this move gives real power to the lighter skinned peoples over the darker skinned peoples in the here and now. They do not need to wait for death in order to create the most desired heaven where they will be worshipped from generations to generations.

    The gift of the Christian Bible that is forever giving is that, it wouldn't matter which country in the world embraced it, it will always favor Europe because of the awesome way it elevates lighter skinned peoples over dark skinned peoples. I do not knock this phenomenon at all. The problem is not Europeans or fair skinned peoples embracing the incredible document, but the non Europeans embracing it.

    Think about it, what does a brown or black people think would be the outcome of their conversion into Christianity or Islam for that matter. Their conversions and adherence to the Christian faith will only eventually yield favor onto the European descendants, no fault of the Europeans at all. Unfortunately, Africa, once voluntarily and involuntarily converted to Christianity, essentially signed away their mind, personhood, their dignity and their resources in deference to the commands of the Christian Bible. Europeans cannot be blamed because they largely inherit the favor of the Christian faith over brown and black peoples. All who follow the Christian traditions, be they black, white or brown, all end up in the hierarchical positions as delineated by the biblical injunctions.

    Black and brown peoples must wake up and use their own ancestral theological systems to favor and improve the lives of their citizenry.

    Europe is rightfully following the Christian faith that serves them and the generations after them.

    Brown and black people should let go of Christianity or Islam as a mandate in their different countries, reform their own ancestral traditions to modern standards and use their own systems as the barometer for their ethics, self esteem and ultimate growth.

    Black and brown Christian Nations, no matter how much they try, will either become lighter skinned Nations, as they are taken over, or they will become so-called "Shit holes" as granted by the tenets of the Christian Bible.

    Message to Africa:

    Your embrace as a continent, as peoples and as individuals of Christianity and/or Islam is the ultimate death of our people and the foundations of our existence. We are doomed to enslavement, denigration, subjugation and the death of our souls and self worth.

    Our demise is not the fault of Europeans today, but because WE accepted the conversions and did not fight them off. Think about the suffrage of the Jewish people that refuse as a people to be bullied into Christianity and Islam. They have their culture and theological systems as their guide and life affirming tools. They refuse to be told how to live from outside their traditions, and in spite of the aggression against them, they have resisted and hung on to their lifeline, their ancestral traditions.

    To this end, you mother Africa must return to your ancestral traditions, reform them, modernize them, and employ them for the dignity, benefit and survival of all our peoples.

    Your current path of following in the forced Faiths that you are so vehemently clinging on to, will remain the ultimate death of all of us and our peoples.

    Yórùbá, ro'nú!!!

  6. Their calling Obama's oblivious when the man they stand behind is the definition of mentally disturb by all standards 2 white assholes with no true view of anything but propaganda and and real fake news Hannity is joke he says all cnn talks about it trump all he talks about is Clinton it's starting to sound like someone has a fetish for Clinton and hannity is in first place and Newt Gingrich please shut the fuck up you was against trump in the election till he became nominee and you thought you was gonna get a job from him your old and need to be put away ASAP fucking piece of shit aka Fox News

  7. Hey ASSHOLE, I am so grateful to be done with your Anti-American efforts to change this country into "your world view".
    I look forward to your expiration date with tremendous hope Barry A. Soetoro.

  8. obummer is past user of drugs =====now he is rich and i AM sure he still uses drugs


  9. Get over it, its been over a year now. Obama doesn't spend one minute of his mental energy thinking about you people, he has moved on and so should you.


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