1. How can pregnancy, C-section and Postpartum depression be preexisting conditions??? American women now have the choice to not get pregnant or to go outside the country to seek medical attention and to give birth…. smh

  2. These hateful nasty women are so ignorant and blinded by their hate. They represent the modern democrat party. Obamacare has collapsed, just ask the average American that they are so out of touch with. The only insurance system that will work is one that has no government involvement. Make it private like your car, home, boat and whatever other insurance is out there, then have government oversight to pass laws to correct any injustices. Prices would drop to where everyone could afford them and the very few who could not can go on a state plan paid by the state. Unfortunately people like The View audience feel it's a right or an entitlement and since the Government can't run anything right they hurt the very people they think they are helping.

  3. Trump has the opportunity to forever cement his legacy if he was to champion Medicare for all. His party is scared of him and democrats couldn't attack him on that issue. Instead Trump is listening to the very people he campaigned against which are the corrupt politicians, special interest, and lobbyists.

  4. The moment the 1% saw the possibility of their chosen candidate (Hillary
    Clinton) losing to a socialist winning the white house (Bernie Sanders)
    they came out with the alternative candidate they knew would stop at
    nothing in order to win.f the Democratic primaries had been honest and Bernie had won
     (?), 50% of Hillary supporters would had voted Trump over Bernie in the general election.

  5. Whoopie can't go 2 mins without eating anything. She is upset obesity was added for pre existing conditions. Obamacare was garbage and not a single one of these well paid elites know the negatives of the previous administrations deceptive bill.

  6. The pre-existing conditions are just so when someone gets sick the insurance claims people can find some reason to reject peoples claims– the insurance companies are the ones controlling all the politicians to get what they need.

  7. Depression is about to be the leading cause of disability in the future . With this new bill I'm sure there would be higher suicide rate.Though weren't there a political agenda to take away our guns especially the mentally Ill? Now the government does not want to give health-care to prevent these school shootings?

  8. Hard to believe the people on the "view" are so dysfunctional….just goes to prove you can't fix stupid…..and they continue to show just how truly stupid they are. Hey, are they filming in Canada yet? What? You mean Goldberg lied again? Shocking…..

  9. Whoopi and Joy sound so pendejas. And they look like they are gaining weight. Please move away like you promised Whoopi.

  10. No one knew what was in Obamacare until it was passed, Whoopi stop talking with food in your mouth, you ignorant racist. I wouldn't believe anything these hags say, they twist everything to fit their agenda.

  11. Why do wealthy people always need a tax cut with Republican ideas?
    We want to send a probe to Mars but the Koch brothers need a tax cut first.


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