The All-New Ram 1500 is designed to take on the most epic adventures, including this one – hauling a horde of Vikings across the Icelandic tundra, towing a massive Viking ship, all while singing a fast-paced version of Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” Their journey continues over sea as they row their Viking ship with their beloved truck in tow to America but are in for a shocking surprise. Luckily, they are driving the only truck that is indeed “built for the unexpected.”

With legendary power, performance and dependability, we’re determined to work hard and play even harder, boldly forging ahead to get the job done.

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  1. This is just brilliant marketing. When I picture a Ram truck, Im picturing myself as a badass viking. LOL I had a 2011 Hemi 1500 and felt like that everytime I drove it

  2. This what I got out of the commercial, The Viking was coming home to play in the superbowl only to find out they didn't make it to the big game. This commercial was wrong to do the Viking fans like that. I was going for them, since I live in this city. I think it would have been a wonderful thing. But like always, The Viking and Wolves teams will always let you down. But I love the Wolves anyway.

  3. I don't think it classifies as a tide ad because you can't put metal chains and other types of viking armor in the washing machine so…….. yea


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