Investigators are attempting to find out what induced the USS Fitzgerald to crash, killing seven sailors. CNN’s Tom Foreman stories.



  1. If you know how to read lies and propaganda well CNN is hiring.
    If you love isis and hate white men who are straight CNN is the place for you. If you are a trans native american who hates Christian people yes CNN will hire you on the spot.

  2. The real tragedy here is that 2 glorious white males lost their life. We must do all we can to preserve glorious white life.

  3. So, an advanced US warship that can track and shoot down incoming missiles and warheads and can hit a target hundreds of miles away could not see a 29,000 Ton Cargo Ship? how on earth could this happen?

  4. Let me guess, the accident happened at 2 in the morning, someone at the radar or the wheel was tired.

  5. Well, the Fitzgerald's captain will ultimately be held responsible, but whom ever the OOD was has a lot of questions to face.  It doesn't make sense how a ship like a destroyer, with all of its radar and maneuverability can have something like this happen to it.

  6. All of those container ships gps controlled. I believe that the gps system was hacked, the container ship was used as a weapon.

  7. Weapons transfer to Philipine cargo ship to resupply ISIS Abu Sayyaf that went wrong in mid sea. This is just the cover story.

  8. REALLY? At first, I asked the same question, because I knew a modern destroyer is equipped with sensors strong enough to detect a swarm of flies headed at them. But then I remembered that day back at Beggars Canyon. I beat that train by an inch, when I cut across the tracks in my 68' Firebird.

  9. USA sends an advanced ship to watch North Korea but cant see 3 feet ahead another ship. LOL
    US superiority and all the advanced tech, but a tanker who is 3 times bigger at least knocks you out. HILARIOUS.

  10. seriously im pissed. the moat advanced ship collided in the open sea. what were they doing. they're supposed to monitor the voyage of the ship

  11. That cargo ship should either pay for the damage or be sunk for being a dumb cunt along with firing the retarded watchmen who were supposed to be on watch.

  12. come on man when they're going to realize that this shit wasn't an accident this was an intentional ramming.


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