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We have examined many on a regular basis issues right here, in fact at all times in the hunt for methods tips on how to weaponize them. But what we have not examined but is – Lego bricks.

This issues have many fascinating qualities for ammo. Cheap. Hard. Edgy. Indestructible. But in fact they’re additionally light-weight, plus their awkward form makes it exhausting to shoot them straight.

Therefore we constructed a customized shooter for the tiny plastic toys… and added some nails. See how a lot injury you’ll be able to trigger with these very primary components!

A “The Slingshot Channel” manufacturing.



  1. Ich hab schon einige Videos gesehen in denen Die Waffen aus Lego gebaut wurden. Hab mich schon gefragt wann die Dinger mal als Munition benutzt werden. Bei den Dosen hat noch das Bowling-typische Strike gefehlt als die mittlere Dose die anderen weggefegt hat.
    Ich hätte auch noch eine Idee für eine Slingshot die du bauen könntest. In Horizon Zero Dawn gibt es eine Slingshot die ein ähnliches Design hat wie eine die du schon gebaut hast. Wäre cool die in Real zu sehen. (Falls eine Aufnahme der Slingshot benötigt wird, kann ich eine machen. Muss nur wissen wohin ich die dann zur Einsicht hinschicken muss.)

  2. this intro is pretty good, but the music is awful. i liked the rocky thing. Goed with the hydraulic press channel's intro. both are large european bald men with strong accents and they like to break shit

  3. You are walking down a back street in Dortmund, Germany. The cold wind laps at your neck and it hisses in your ear. You take a turn and enter a tunnel in a deep area of the street. The light is so dim you cannot see further than half a dozen meters infront of you. As you near the end of the tunnel a man turns into the tunnel and faces you, and he is wielding a large chainsaw. He sprints at you revving the chainsaw and as he does so, he shouts violently in a German accent. The last thing you hear is " Let me show you it's features! "


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