Luge veteran Erin Hamlin gets the chance to enter her last Olympics carrying the U.S. flag into the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Games. But Shani Davis says the process by which Hamlin won was executed “dishonorably.” (Feb. 8, 2018)


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  1. Apparently the judges were equally divided so a coin toss was the right thing to do. What wasn't right was the social cry-babying and referencing Black History Month. Why is that relevant? You might as well have referenced Ground Hog's Day! The chip on his shoulder is an awfully great burden. Give him a GOLD medal for that!

  2. GTFOH, don't be throwing that coon on us you racist pieces of shit!!!
    We don't even know who the fuck Shani Davis is… The average African American don't even watch the Olympics & we damn sure don't watch speed skating LMAO & SMFH!!!
    You don't get to throw them privileged coons back on the black community, we don't fuck with coons like Don Lemon & shit! If Don Lemon play the race card white people don't get to send that muthafucking coon back to us… You can put his ass in no mans land or exile but you won't catch us supporting no coons.
    Have you heard any black people supporting Shani Davis LMAO & SMFH?
    Have you heard any black people supporting Monique? Monique been getting roasted in the black community so get your fucking facts straight cowards… I never see you people talk this shit in public, only in comment sections & I live in a white community!

  3. I wonder if their is a gold medal for being a professional cry baby ?
    If so, it looks like Africa can finally provide something else for the world instead of AIDS and Ivory.

  4. One thing i am tired of is this racist bullshit, don't blame all blacks for what some do or all of any other group. you really make me sick meet me in the ATL talk that crapp to my dam face and i bet you i will make you fucking famous….

  5. You just knew it wouldn't be a white male, either a woman, a colored person, or a combination of the two. Either way the whining will never stop.

  6. Take your black history month and shove it up your ass Shani……..where is the Jewish history month?……dare I say , white history month?…..Spanish history month?…….vertically challenged history month?…..Inuit history month?……Native American history month?……..Polish history month…….German history month…..see where I am going with this?…….I thought all races are equal……..Guess not in all eyes……#timesup…..lol

  7. What a whiny little bitch. I don't think being black had anything to do with it. That said…For those saying his actions are typical, well…have a look at your blatantly typical comments about black people. My guess? You are fat, pasty white, and your spouses (assuming you even have one) are as well. The FIRST thing you notice and comment about is his skin color. You do realize that this makes you a complete fucking idiot, right? For every black person who acts like this, I can show you about 20 white folks who do. A handful of Asians, a handful of Natives, and so on. Fact is, the most spoiled race there is are white folks. Not to say they do not suffer as well, but they do so not as often. The only thing worse than a racist hillbilly is one who screams racism after they are being racist.

  8. SOLUTION :The US should choose athletes by race and gender NOT abilities on the next olympic… they can see the result on the medal count


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