5yr outdated lets pet cow in on the porch..with out mother figuring out



  1. That seems to be everywhere….the city keeps growing. I guess that is the joy of living on a island. It keeps the city away. If you look up Ebeys Reserve, that is where I am. It is a amazing place to raise cattle and farm…..the town I live in Coupeville, Washington is like Mayberry with a beach lol

  2. I'm not sure what was sweeter… the cow with the little girl or mom that didn't get mad at her for bringing the cow inside. this family gets it… great job mom

  3. So adorable, both the girl and the calf! I have also thought about not eating beef. I should get a pet cow – I'm sure that would do it for me too! They do seem very sweet.

  4. This is a beautiful and heart warming video I can't believe how angry some people get at vegans and how many people make jokes about meat after watching such an innocent video.
    This really made my day thank you <3

  5. Absolutely precious the way this little doll explains and is so concerned about the cow's leg. Both cow and kid are adorable!

  6. It's nice to see people with compassion. I hope you guys can keep the cow, I know some people keep them as pets and sell them to slaughter after they grow up. Bovines are actually peaceful animals and good animals to have around the yard as pets. I would not worry about people that dislike your video. Your cow is better than most of them. Just because one is human does not make him/her better than an animal. What makes the difference is compassion and humility. If you lack these two qualities I feel sorry because they are the real animals.

  7. 5 year old children are so cute, My grand daughter just turned 5 and is so adorable, But don't worry school will wreck them

  8. Awe, she needs one of those dolly's she can take care of herself… That or maybe get her a chicken or 2 to look after or even a pig! lol

  9. It's so gorgeous that she loves her cow, I secretly hope I'm looking at a future vegan. She is just a beautiful girl and you're kind to let her be so sweet. Love from Australia ?

  10. Wowsers! So cute head to toe. Cute dress beautiful hair. Gonna be a heartbreaker, as well as a huge heart. Kudos mom.

  11. If this little girl is indicative of the mindset of tomorrows adults. Shoot me now. My job is done. The planet is in safe hands.

  12. That's adorable! Really who could have a mean thing to say. The cow obviously seems comfy good thing the cow wasn't full size. You have a real animal lover there. Lol


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