The philosophy of Kurzgesagt.

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Optimistic Nihilism



  1. We tried something new this time. Many people seem to feel existential dread when they watch our videos. So we wanted to talk a bit about the world view that is behind our scripts. The philosophy of Kurzgesagt if you want to. Hope you like it! Back to science next video.

    This video also begins the new Kurzgesagt bi-weekly video cycle. So next video in about two weeks.

  2. People who believe in GAWD are retards.

    Oh and people who are 'scared' of this kinda topic need to quit being pussies.

    This is just what the universe is. It's huge and we're going to die eventually and then nothing more, there's really nothing to it.

  3. In the orient, people commonly say, "Person is like a microcosm". I thoght we are connected and philosophy is a link.

  4. So, basically, Absurdism?

    The concepts for those philosophies are close enough, IMO. Can't think of any distinctive differences from the top of my head. I personally find this perspective on life as a great one; I'm happy you guys are sharing it with the world!

  5. I don't think that science is about "you are nothing", it is the way to find what we can do. The problem with human brain is that comes from millions of years of evolution being only animals, so the short period we can think, we tend to return to that "ignorant way to live thinking that all is solved".

  6. I like this video but the intro to this video was kinda annoying in the insinuation that science has caused humanity to give up belief in a deity over time due to scientific progress and caused us to embrace naturalism. I am an agnostic myself but i can't help but point out the slanted perspective of the creator of this video. Naturalism is in fact older than Christianity, a higher percentage of people are theists right now than in the ancient world, and the Bible does not teach that humans are at the center of the universe even if some Christians have naively held this view.

  7. "Close your eyes, count to 1. That's how long forever feels."
    That is one of the most interesting things I've heard.

  8. Weird that I had never heard of this but reading the bible had actually brought me to this philosophical method. I hope people don't view this philosophy as anti-religious.

  9. "Do whatever makes me feel good". Does that mean that I can become a mass murderer and its fine? Points are points

  10. The problem with optimistic nihilisim is that if someone or group does not care about the well being of others, they have absolutely no reason to behave civily or morally. So, when the video ends saying, we might as well create a utopia in space, this philosophy actually does not give much reason to do so. For example, if someone can life a happy and fun life while ruling over a dystipian space empire, this optimisitc nihilism cannot provide good reasons to admonish his character and actions. This, in short, is why I think nihilism, even optimistic nihilisim, is not a worthwhile philosophy to believe or argue for 🙂

  11. I cried after this video because I always feard for everything this extensial dread is what haunted me the most the last 2 years thank you so much for this video.


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